MediConnect is more than just card payments

Successful medical & dental practices recognize that financial success is the result of managing every aspect of the business. MediConnect is unique in that we have expertise in just about every aspect of healthcare consulting and practice management. Access to so many resources enable us to help clients increase profits, improve patient and employee satisfaction, and reduce administration and financial stress for the practitioners and staff. Our clients include medical and dental practices, clinics, hospitals, and large healthcare systems. Our first step with you as a new medical or dental consulting client is to perform a review of your practice. From this review we develop a strategic plan; or we will review the one you already have in place. Whether you think you are in wonderful shape or whether you are in significant financial or operational pain, our medical and healthcare practice management consultants will examine every aspect of your practice and report their findings. Proper practice management ensures a predictable outcome and let’s not forget, predictable growth. Effective practice management is the fastest and most direct route to a business that’s ready to increase profits and generate further growth. And we can help you get there!

Finance of medical and Dental Procedures

MediConnect finance all procedures for patients costing up to R125 000, at 0%
interest rates for the first 6 months. Our payment plans are structured according to the patient personal circumstances and loans can be paid back over 6, 12, 24 or 36 months at very competitive interest rates. Our automated credit analytics rule engine provides patients with real-time approve/decline decisions, within 5 minutes. The dentist receives the payment for the procedure within 1-7 working days depending on the selected credit provider

Practice Management Software

MediConnect uses GoodX Software that includes medical scheduling, billing, reporting & an entire suite of productivity-enhancement tools to help streamline the business side of your practice. Our practice management software solution creates a positive experience for your front desk while increasing cash flow. Each click, each feature, each flow is designed for peak staff efficiency, cost management & patient satisfaction. GoodX Software gives your practice the latest updates to medical codes & rules that are essential for effective coding & billing.

Debt Collection

Our debt collecting partner, Van Rhyns Attorneys has been in existence since 1991 and specialises in debt collecting for the medical industry utilising a combination of call centre based collections and legal action.
There are no fees for the medical / dental practice and all costs are accrued from the patient. The medical/dental practice receives 100% of the outstanding amount. (An incredible offering)