Payment System:

Our Payment System offers a complete range of services to save your practice money on transactions, ensure that your practice receives payment for your services, as well as giving your patients additional methods of payment.

Services we offer:

  • Speed point device with exclusive lowered transaction rates for our client base (saving you money on your monthly transaction fees).
  • Lowered transaction rates on international cards as well as American Express and Diners.
  • Activation of RCS retail store card payments with overnight settlement (Game, Makro, Builders Warerhouse, CTM, Supa Quick, Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Verimark, Poetry, Sunglass Hut, etc…) 
  • Activation of buy aid cards such as BSmart (Cape Consumers), Pretorium Trust, Samba, Koopkrag.
  • Interest Free Patient Split Payment System. Practice Receives Full Amount In 7 Days.
  • Free of charge debt collection services.

Practice Management Software:

Web-based software which has become one of the market leaders in the development of tailored medical and practice management software in the South African market with 40 years of experience in the industry.

Key Features:

Complete medical practice management solution

  • Web-based (can be accessed from anywhere)
  • Easy to use
  • Electronic medical records
  • Customizable clinical templates
  • Paperless Capability
  • Fully integrated diary
  • online bookings and patient portal