Interest Free Loans

Interest Free Payment Plan

For Over The Counter Or Online Payments

Easy as 1,2,3....

Interest-free Split Payments
Unlock your customers’ buying potential without the weight of revolving credit.

Your patients could pay now, or they could pay just now and get the benefit of receiving their goods upfront AND splitting their payments, interest-free with no extra costs.

Happy patients mean repeat business.

Our payment method is modelled on the internationally proven concept of Buy Now, Pay Later. It is tailored to the South African market and designed to increase affordability by allowing consumers to shop now, split their payments automatically at check-out and receive their goods.

Our Audience Is Your Customer
Over 200 000 shoppers and growing

Our user database brings you a new audience, an audience that grows on average month on month as more consumers choose our split payment system as their preferred payment method.

By appealing to a responsible and repeat patient, we have industry-leading approval rates which lead to higher conversions and an average incremental sales boost of 24% .