• Speed point device (card machine) that offers exclusive MediConnect/ABSA low transaction rates on many type of cards:
    • Debit cards – 0.76%
    • Credit cards- 1.80%
    • American Express – 2.50%
    • Diners  – 2.75%
  • This option includes the activation of retail store cards from RCS (2.63%)
  • Free of charge debt collection services

We make use of an ABSA speed point device, the device is neutral , therefor you do not have to bank with ABSA to make use of the device. If you are already making use of a ABSA speed point device you do not require another device we are able to remotely lower your rates to your current device. 

Effortlessly accept all card payments. You can trust our fast, reliable and affordable way of accepting all card payments.